Mindful Coaching

 and Mediation



My counseling philosophy is integrative in nature, drawing from diverse clinical counseling techniques that are evidenced based.  Below you will find a brief summary of some of those orientations:


Relational & Attachment theories -  These perspectives recognize the importance of past and present relationships in your life. The emotional wounds of the past happened within unsupportive or harmful relationships. In the supportive and safe therapeutic relationship, healing of those past wounds can begin.

Psychodynamic theory- This approach looks at our experiences from childhood and how they have shaped our identities, thoughts and behaviors throughout our lives.
Humanistic theory- This approach addresses the deep human desire for purpose and meaning. As emotional blocks are overcome, the actualized life can be realized.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Mindfulness-CBT) - This approach involves developing skills for living more in the present rather than dwelling excessively in the past or future. Observing your thoughts and feelings in more accepting ways, you will develop the capacity to slow down and respond to your inner experiences rather than reacting habitually to the external world.

I am also trained in EFT, Gottman Method and Family Systems, to provide evidenced based  clinical counseling for couples and families.  If you would like to know more, email, or call  to set up and FREE 15 min MEET &GREET session.