Mindful Coaching

 and Mediation



"You as much as ANYONE, are worthy of Happiness, Love, Respect and Peace."-MGM
Obtaining these precious jewels of life can be difficult on our own; or in relationships with family, friends, spouses and partners. My passion and honor is to safely hold the complexities and unique qualities of each personal situation as a therapist. This awareness gives me with the necessary information to provide effective treatment to help empower my clients to be their best selves- HAPPY, LOVED, RESPECTED and at PEACE.  

MGM 9-30-16             

"There is freedom for you and hope for a life that is healthy and meaningful." -MGM

When you are in the "storm(s)" of depression, anxiety and/or a relationship;  it can feel hopeless, lonely, painful and terrifying.  This is especially true when you feel like you have done everything you know to do.  For many to  actualize their freedom, it will mean finding enough self-worth to reach out and ask for help. However, the often difficult part of this journey is knowing what help to ask for.  Family and friends can be a good support, but sometimes they are the very source of the storm. One helpful step  towards manifesting your freedom, is to learn to identify thoughts, behaviors, feelings and individuals that bring life and take life away.  Learning to distinguish between what brings life (what frees you and decreases the storm)  and what takes away life (imprisons you, or perpetuates the storm), is a life skill that must be explored, examined and practiced. This is not an overnight process, it will take some time and often help from others. But remember- YOU are so worthy of this meaningful, healthy and  life giving FREEDOM.

MGM 10-1-16